Manufacturer of Modular Blast-Resistant Buildings Since 1999

In many industries, modular buildings aren’t an optional on-site component: they’re necessary to the determinant in the loss of life. HUNTER was founded in 1999 as a company with the singular mission of designing and manufacturing a superior blast-resistant building to safeguard lives in industrial areas and disaster and conflict zones. We were the first to design, construct and sell API RP 752-compliant, blast-resistant modular buildings to the refining and petrochemical communities, as well as the first in the industry to submit our buildings to actual physical blast testing. Today, we continue our legacy of firsts as the first and only company to offer full turnkey services in the design and installation of blast-resistant structures, including transportation, installation and site services anywhere in the world. Collectively, our US and overseas manufacturing locations in Europe and the Middle East provide us with the highest manufacturing capacity in the industry.

HUNTER: Protecting You

In our industry, it’s easy to speak about the integrity of a product based on the material and engineering that goes into making it. From that perspective, HUNTER leads in innovation, capacity, and safety. HUNTER invites you to discover the best blast-resistant buildings in the industry. At HUNTER, our mission to perfect the construction of blast-resistant structures is personal: it’s about the protection of individual lives and critical equipment. We understand that our buildings are the only thing standing in the way of the unnecessary loss of life in the event of an industrial accident, ballistics, or natural disaster. To us, ensuring that a building can remain fully intact and operational following a blast is a mission: it’s about the lives that can be saved.