Why MODULAR Blast-Resistant Buildings

In many industries, blast-resistant buildings are a necessary component to keeping workers safe. However, safety guidelines and regulatory compliance, logistical issues, and economic considerations can pose challenges for many companies. HUNTER helps you deal with these challenges by designing and manufacturing a variety of flexible and cost-effective blast-resistant modular buildings.


All of our buildings are constructed to the highest specifications, to be completely API RP 752/753 compliant and meet and exceed all safety guidelines and regulations.


Our modular blast-resistant structures offer a cost-effective advantage to traditional wood structures. Modular construction averages around 1/2 the cost of traditional structures; additionally, our buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment, greatly reducing field-construction time and eliminating costly on-site labor and safety issues as well as delays associated with on-site stick-built construction.

Worker Efficiency

Typical wood-frame construction and non-blast-resistant buildings containing critical equipment and technical components are placed outside of the potential blast zone, decreasing worker efficiency, and leaving processes and personnel stranded without critical technology in the event of a blast. In contrast, our modular blast-resistant buildings can be placed on-site and within a potential blast zone, maintaining a high productivity rate, and ensuring the safety and protection of personnel.


HUNTER handles all the logistics anywhere in the world, including installation. Our completed units are shipped to the site ready to meet your specific area electrical classifications and require only minor field work to finish the project. Modular buildings can be installed in lieu of concrete blast shelters and can be joined or stacked in virtually endless combinations. Additionally, our buildings meet the need for short-term construction and turnaround projects through leasing and quick field installation.