Portable Modular Disaster Shelters

Lease for Disaster Recovery Camps and Large Basecamps

HUNTER manufactures custom portable disaster shelters, camps, and large basecamps that are designed to protect personnel and equipment from natural disasters and harsh environments. These modular shelters can be leased as part of your Disaster Preparedness Plan and/or Disaster Recovery Plan.Our portable, disaster buildings are manufactured with blast ratings from 2 to 8 PSI (higher if needed for custom units) to withstand hurricane and tornado-strength wind and earthquakes. They are fire-resistant and able to shelter personnel from flying debris and falling rocks.
Additionally, HUNTER can provide and/or coordinate the deployment of basecamps and infrastructure at your location anywhere in the world.As the global leader in the manufacture of modular, blast-resistant buildings, HUNTER has executed thousands of complex projects in a variety of challenging environments. Our disaster shelters have been proven to withstand the harshest conditions, protecting personnel, critical equipment, and assets.
To learn more about how a HUNTER blast-resistant building can help protect your personnel during and/or after a natural disaster, please call 281.452.9800.