Modular Blast-Resistant Buildings Overview

For Protection from:

  • Gas & Vapor Explosions (VCE)
  • Forced Entry/Ballistics
  • Harsh Environments
  • Natural Disasters
HUNTER designs, manufactures, and installs blast-resistant, modular buildings, which are constructed to protect occupants against explosion, fire, toxic materials, ballistic impact, natural disasters, and blunt-force trauma. Depending on your company’s needs, HUNTER is equipped and ready to provide you with a permanent or temporary application anywhere in the world. Standard buildings are rated for 8.0 PSI. We can also custom-engineer our product at higher PSI ratings to meet your unique building requirements. Standard, permanent, and temporary structures can be designed.

Custom Modular Blast-Resistant Buildings

As the industry leader in the production of modular, blast-resistant buildings, HUNTER is uniquely equipped to custom design, manufacture and install buildings around your specifications to use anywhere in the world. Read More

Security Shelters & Buildings: Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) Modular Buildings

HUNTER manufactures United States Department of State (US DOS) Certified all-welded, all-steel modular buildings and complexes designed for government and military use in conflict areas and war zones. Read More

Portable Buildings for Disaster Relief

HUNTER manufactures modular structures strong enough to withstand hurricane-strength winds, tornadoes, or earthquakes. Buildings are also fire-resistant and strong enough to shelter personnel from flying debris or falling rocks. Read More

Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs)

HUNTER’s RIEs are designed to house equipment for monitoring and controlling individual process units at refining, petrochemical, chemical, and other process facilities. Read More

Offshore Worker Accommodations

HUNTER offers a full line of USCG certified, ABS approved 8 PSI-rated, blast-resistant modular buildings. These buildings are also designed, engineered, and fabricated to meet extreme operational temperatures to insure safety in harsh marine environments. HUNTER can also design custom modules with higher fire and/or blast ratings to meet specific customer requirements. Read More

Natural Gas Blast-Resistant Buildings

HUNTER blast-resistant buildings protect personnel and critical equipment during all phases of the processing, transmission, and transporting of natural gas in its different explosive states (NG, CNG & LNG). Read More

Blast-Resistant Doors

At HUNTER, we have complete quality control over the design and manufacturing of each door that goes onto our buildings, so you will never doubt the safety of your personnel. Available on all HUNTER buildings or sold separately. Read More