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Blast Rating
Certifications and
Field Testing for
Safer Buildings

It isn’t enough to say a structure’s blast rating will keep people and property protected. At Hunter, we require proof. As the first in our industry to submit our blast-resistant modular buildings to physical blast testing, our goal is to gain a firsthand understanding of how your blast-resistant buildings stand up against explosions, blasts and wild weather in real-world settings.

Hunter analysis calculations are carried out by third-party professional blast engineers, and blast designs have been subjected to physical testing carried out by third-party specialists. With in-house design and manufacturing services that enable the utmost quality control — and outside certification that our modular buildings offer safety your team can trust — Hunter keeps you protected on every front.

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Behind the Blast Rating

Hunter’s blast-resistant modular buildings have undergone blast testing to ensure they meet or exceed the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) requirements for blast overpressures. Here is a closer look at how the ASCE defines its two levels:

  • Medium Response: Significant Repairs Required Due to Widespread Building Damage.
  • Low Response: Minor Repairs Needed Due to Damage. Building Can Be Reused.

Get More Blast-Resistant

Hunter offers blast-resistant buildings and related products that are fully customizable — and designed with safety in mind.

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Big Blasts
In-Depth Insight

Hunter’s blast tests are no small task. Click to see how we ensure your structures’ safety.