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Hunter is always seeking ways to move industrial protection forward. Our safety gear offerings make things personal. Taking a similar approach to that of our custom modular structures, the Hunter Hard Hat is built with quality and customization in mind.

In conjunction with Velotec, some of the top minds in safety engineering, we created a Type 2, Class C bucket hard hat that doesn’t just suit a wide range of individual and operational needs. It takes PPE safety standards to the next level. It’s all about offering optimum protection from every angle, for every individual and on every front.

Hunter hard hat
Hunter hard hat
Hunter hard hat

Hunter Hard Hat Featuring Mips® Technology

Designed to fit approximately 90% of the population, and fully customizable to suit accessory preferences and unique industrial risks, the Hunter Hard Hat offers the best in head protection. Embedded Mips® safety technology — the first of its kind in the industrial sector — brings a next-level safety consideration with the power to save lives. Meanwhile, the ability to incorporate your company’s logo helps keep your crew on brand. See what makes the Hunter Hard Hat something special.

  • Mips® Technology for Improved Impact Results
  • 27 Customizable Accessories with Click-Mount Technology
  • Sun Visors
  • Chin Straps
  • Hearing Protection
  • Headlamps
  • New Options Under Development
  • Company Branding Available
  • Adjustable One-Size-Fits-Most Build
  • Lightweight, Sporty Design
  • Enhanced Range of Vision as Compared to Other Hard Hats

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What is Mips® Technology, and How Does it Make the Hunter Hard Hat Different?

The Mips® safety system adds an additional level of protection — in the most literal way possible. The secret is a low-friction layer housed beneath the traditional hard hat elements.

Although the majority of traditional hard hats are designed for protection against straight-on impacts, most impacts actually take place at an angle. And angled hits tend to affect the brain more, stretching or straining brain tissue in ways that can result in concussions and the like.

The Mips® system is designed to mimic the way the human brain responds to issues such as hits and falls. With a protective inner layer that moves slightly when involved in a crash or impact, it redirects dangerous force away from the head. The end result? Reduced rotational motion and a lower likelihood of brain injury.

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