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Blast-Resistant Tents

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Blast-Resistant Tents
Offer Flexible and
Portable Protection

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Ideal for temporary project work or jobs that require quick turnaround times, Hunter’s blast-resistant tent options provide rugged protection against fire, high winds, toxic gas ingress and blast zone dangers — and they’re available around the globe. Incorporating the same versatile approach we apply to our blast-resistant modular buildings, we make it easy to customize your blast-resistant tent to serve your crew’s exacting needs. From blast doors aimed at providing elevated protection, to full-fledged bathroom and kitchen facilities and other customizations that make day-to-day life more doable, Hunter is here to help.

Rest assured our job doesn’t end once your blast-resistant tent is purchased. Our professionals are happy to transport your blast tent to your jobsite, and provide on-site installation, inspection and training services to ensure your blast tent serves you as it should. It’s assistance — and protection — on every front.

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Every Project Every Front

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See the potential of a Hunter blast-resistant tent and how it could fit your next project.

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Leading Support at Every Stage

From initial design, to expert assembly, post-build training and warranties, too, Hunter site services have you covered.

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