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Blast Doors

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Entering a New
Standard in Blast
Door Technology

The Hunter blast door is engineered to meet rigorous safety standards, customizable to suit a building’s aesthetic — and rigorously blast tested to ensure they protect team members’ lives. Available as part of a new blast-resistant building purchase, or separately for your existing structure, our blast doors offer peace of mind regardless of where your work takes you.

Safety comes standard with all Hunter products, blast doors included. Using analysis calculations carried out by third-party professional blast engineers, our team manufactures our blast doors in-house, maintaining a close watch on quality control. The finished blast-rated product is able to withstand peak pressures of 17.9 PSI, and to weather major blasts or explosions without suffering major deformities. In addition, our blast doors exhibit leakage well below our industry’s safe haven standards.

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The Benefits of a Hunter Blast Door

  • Panic Hardware: Emergency/fire exit push bars feature three-point latching. Surface mounted for ease of adjustment or replacement.
  • Finish: Commercial sandblasted and finished with offshore quality primer and topcoats.
  • Weight: 575 lbs.
  • Hinges: Two each 5 knuckle, 8” high x 5” wide security hinges with permanently lubricated bearings. Each hinge is designed to support 6,614 lbs.
  • Lockset: Exterior surface-mounted keyed lever lockset with emergency override feature.
  • Insulation: Mineral wool marine board with a service temperature up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (649 degrees Celsius).
  • Closer: Industrial heavy-duty, hydraulic, surface-mounted parallel arm, designed for high-traffic applications.

Optional Upgrades

  • Vision panel measuring 7 ½” x 7 ½” x 8.5 PSI and 200 msec.
  • ADA-compliant power-assisted opener/closer.

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Hunter Site Services at the Ready

From blast door installation, to foundation and building design and ongoing training, as well, Hunter site services offer full-scale support for your structures.

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Need More than a Door?

The blast door is just part of what Hunter has to offer. Check out our other blast-resistant buildings and products.