BRM LNGFS NWAfrica 22 1 2

Blast-Resistant Module: LNG Facility

Project Type: Custom Blast-Resistant Buildings
Industry: Energy/Oil & Gas
Location: Southwestern Africa
Project Length: 22 Weeks

When developers behind one of the world’s largest LNG processing facilities sought to create a safe, efficient working environment inside a Zone 2 hazardous area, Hunter was up to the task. Our crew began the 22-week project by designing and engineering a custom blast-resistant module that suited the facility’s unique needs and location requirements specific to Angola.

The finished module, a blast-resistant building measuring 12.2 m x 9 m x 3.5 m, was designed with safety and comfort in mind. Welded construction paired with blast-resistant doors, walls and windows not only ensured structural integrity, but offered protection against blasts and explosions. Meanwhile, a fire suppression system provided additional support against unanticipated blazes. High-quality insulation, a full HVAC system and fresh air ventilation worked together to create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment — while protecting people and equipment from Southwestern Africa’s heat. Finally, small power and lighting assistance, as well as earthing and data networking systems, kept systems connected, team members in communication and operations moving efficiently forward.

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