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Why Modular?

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The Big Benefits of
the Modular Building

For Hunter, the blast-resistant modular buildings (and modular buildings in general) are all about safer surroundings, efficient construction and finished structures that serve your operations’ exacting needs. Blast-resistant construction is a cornerstone safety consideration for industries the world over, and our unique approach aims to make the entire process easier. A modular building can help eliminate the logistical pains, safety and compliance concerns, and financial obstacles that impact most traditional builds.

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Why a Hunter Blast-Resistant Modular Building is the Better Option

Construction with Safety and Compliance in Mind
All Hunter blast-resistant buildings and products are engineered to meet or exceed international safety standards, constructed to meet the industry’s highest specifications and fully API RP 752/753/756 compliant.

Custom Design Without the Constraints
Don’t let the word “modular” fool you. If you can think it, Hunter can make it. From single-unit setups, to stacked, multi-level builds, we’ll work with you to create a blast-resistant building that suits your unique vision and needs.

Builds that Keep Budgets in Check
Hunter’s blast-resistant modular buildings offer cost savings when compared to traditional wooden structures. In addition to the fact that modular construction costs about half of what a more “traditional” build costs, our in-house design and manufacturing abilities offer additional benefits. The controlled construction environment reduces field construction time, and eliminates common safety, labor and timing issues so prevalent in other environments.

Improved Efficiency on the Worksite
Blast-resistant modular buildings allow your team members to carry out work safely in areas other structures can’t. Unlike traditional wood-frame structures and non-blast-resistant buildings, a modular blast-resistant building allows you to house critical equipment, technical components and even prized personnel safely within potential blast zones. That means increased worker efficiency and a lower likelihood that a blast will leave your processes and/or people without the critical technology upon which they rely.

Less-Stress Logistics
Hunter oversees the full range of logistical considerations, including installation, anyplace in the world. Your completed blast-resistant modular building arrives at your jobsite ready to meet the electrical classifications set by your region. Only minor field work is required in order to bring your project to completion.

The Eco-Friendly Option
The manufacturing associated with modular construction results in less overall material waste — and requires far less energy usage than with a traditional build. And the benefits span far beyond the construction stage. Thanks to considerations such as quality insulation that regulates interior temperatures, your modular building results in energy savings throughout its lifetime. Put simply, modular buildings help companies reach their green standard goals and save money along the way.

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Custom Construction Steadfast Safety

Hunter offers a wide range of blast-resistant buildings and products.