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Remote Instrument Enclosures & e-Houses

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RIEs and e-Houses
Offer Protection
for Your Operations
and Equipment

Keep operations powered, and your equipment and people protected, with Hunter remote instrument enclosures (RIEs) and E-Houses. These fire-rated modular structures are engineered with protection in mind, and are as versatile as they are rugged. Flexible power options keep your processes and systems running in even the most hard-to-access environments, while quick assembly and installation keeps schedules on track. Our prefabricated equipment shelters accommodate operations of all sizes, providing you with the emissions monitoring stations, electrical and operator control rooms, satellite field operator stations — and related modular buildings — it takes to move your operations safely and efficiently forward. Whether your work places your critical equipment in danger of unanticipated blazes, toxic gas ingress, ballistic impacts or natural disasters, Hunter helps you remain on safer footing.

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Hunter’s fire- and ballistic-resistant RIEs and related modular structures offer peace of mind in every scenario.

  • Continuation of critical technology provides a lifeline for personnel and processes
  • Modular fabrication’s controlled activity means lower system switchover costs
  • Quicker, more efficient construction timelines with modular builds
  • Builds within blast zones result in cost savings and simplified planning
  • Shop fabrication and system testing cost less than field assembly
  • Simpler startup engineering without the pressure of plant operations
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) minimizes field testing and lowers revision costs
  • Save time and money by making Hunter the point of contact for integrated projects

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Every Project Every Front

See our remote instrument enclosure and eHouse work.

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Leading Support at Every Stage

From initial design to expert assembly, post-build training and warranties, too, Hunter Site Services has you covered.

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Not Looking for RIEs?

Our remote instrument enclosures and E-Houses are just the start. Check out our other blast-resistant buildings and products.