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Engineering Services

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Hunter Engineering Services:
A Strategic Approach to Project Success

It takes detailed planning from start to finish to create structures that support safe environments while improving operational efficiency. Hunter’s engineering services professionals give careful consideration to every measurement, calculation and structural element with the end goal of building a final product to suit your industrial operations, while withstanding harsh environments and demanding production schedules.

Our in-house engineering services experts pair decades of experience with dedication to a job done right to develop in-depth plans for your custom modular buildings and the complex systems that support them. Meanwhile, Hunter’s global presence means you can move your projects forward with confidence, knowing that no matter where the work takes you, we’re always nearby.

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Careful Calculations Bring Quality Results

Hunter is proud to provide engineering support to start your custom modular building and blast-resistant building projects strong, and to aid in creating safer surroundings. With site services and design-build capabilities, as well, we provide a turnkey approach that eases confusion on the jobsite and positions your projects for success. Engineering support includes, but is not limited to:

Structural Systems: Engineering structures capable of withstanding — and offering protection against — extreme weather, hazardous environments, blast risks and demanding production schedules.

  • Modular Steel Buildings
  • Containerized Steel Buildings
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Sandwich Panel Construction
  • Anchoring

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems: Ensuring the proper installation and maintenance of all HVAC systems, so crews — and your equipment — are given a safe, comfortable environment in which to work.

  • Electrical Support
  • Elastic Network Interface (ENI) Installation
  • Fire Detection, Protection & Suppression Systems
  • Gas Detection & Separation Systems

Environmental Engineering Support: Careful evaluation, testing and planning to understand and prepare your project’s existing environment — and considerations for long after construction reaches completion. Hunter’s goal is to create structures built to withstand harsh conditions while also minimizing their environmental impact.

  • Erosion Control Systems
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Water Control Systems
  • Pollution Control Systems
  • Energy Preservation Considerations

Blast Resistance Support: Factoring the precise measures required to help your blast-resistant steel buildings maintain their structural integrity while protecting lives and important equipment in the event of a blast or explosion.

  • Custom Blast Ratings
  • Overpressure & Duration Levels
  • Positive Pressure Calculations
  • Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistance (FE/BR) Protections

Hunter’s Engineering Services Process

At Hunter, we believe the most successful projects are those which involve everyone working together, with open communication and a singular goal in mind. Our engineering experts take a collaborative approach, factoring in your project’s unique needs while also considering any additional company requests. Here’s a look at a typical project timeline.

Builds Made manageable

When you embrace a project with a plan in place and a partner you can trust, every aspect of your build becomes easier. Hunter’s engineering experts are an important element of a turnkey building approach designed to ensure project success at every stage.

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Expedited Construction Times & Project Delivery: Modular construction results in build times approximately 50% faster than more traditional methods.

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Streamlined Communication: One point of contact to eliminate confusion and cut down on eliminate time-consuming calls.

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Next-Level Collaboration: We work closely with you to ensure a quality finished product. You have input at every stage.

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Less-Stress on Jobsites: Quality project management paired with overall efficiency and buildings constructed in controlled factory settings.

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Worldwide Reach: Quicker turnaround, lower delivery costs and familiarity with the rules and regulations surrounding your projects.

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The Eco-Friendly Approach: Modular construction uses about 50% less energy than more traditional methods, results in less waste and creates structures that conserve energy throughout their lifetime.

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Looking for Additional Support?

Hunter is proud to offer expert in-house site services and design-build services offerings, as well.

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