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Hunter’s blast-resistant modules, forced entry and ballistic-resistant buildings, and related protective structures are engineered to keep team members and critical equipment safe in extreme scenarios. Whether your work sits inside industrial blast zones, a natural disaster necessitates setting operations up quickly, your structure sits at risk of forced entry or ballistic damage — or something else entirely — Hunter keeps you protected. Our blast-resistant modular buildings are engineered to safeguard against everything from explosions, to fires, toxic materials and blunt-force trauma, and our offerings don’t end there.

Hunter is also proud to offer a range of customizable modular buildings for companies looking for all the benefits modular construction offers — but whose work doesn’t require blast-resistant protection. Rest assured that all of our modular structures and related products are available for sale or lease around the globe.

During our in-depth engineering and design process, we work closely with you to understand your operations and overall site plan, crafting a structure that works for you. Hunter buildings come fully assembled with very fast installation times and are an economical option for facilities needing a 10 psi-rated building (or more). From initial concept through design, on to construction, installation and commissioning, your Hunter team is by your side with your goals in mind.

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Custom Blast-Resistant Buildings

Structures designed to your specs and engineered to offer protection on all fronts.

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Offshore Buildings

Fire-resistant protection and comfortable spaces for workers on oil platforms, drilling rigs and vessels.

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Modular Buildings

Prefabricated buildings offer a quicker turnaround for more immediate project needs.

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Storm Shelters

Secure structures your team can rely on as you work to help communities recover.

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Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs)
& E-Houses

Fire-resistant structures that keep your critical equipment safe — and your facility functional.

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Blast-Resistant Tents

Flexible, temporary, fire-rated structures that protect against blasts, toxic gas ingress and other dangers.

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Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Buildings

Rugged structures that offer security against forced entry, ballistics and related risks.

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Blast Doors

Unsurpassed blast protection for your new builds and existing structures alike.

Hunter Safety Gear Offers Personalized Protection

Created in conjunction with Velotec, the Hunter Hard Hat is a Type 2, Class C bucket hard hat that fits up to 90% of the population and takes jobsite safety to the next level with embedded Mips® technology.

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