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Modular Buildings

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Modular Buildings
Make for Quick,
Convenient and Eco-
Friendly Construction

Searching for the convenience of modular buildings for a project that doesn’t require blast-resistant strength? Hunter has you covered. Our outside-the-box approach blends prefabricated modules with custom design elements to deliver you a finished structure that serves your company’s every exacting need.

Hunter’s prefabricated modular buildings are available around the globe and engineered to meet or exceed international safety standards. With manufacturing processes that result in less waste and energy consumption, they can also help your company meet its green initiatives. In addition, they come in dimensions that suit a wide range of industries and uses. From temporary structures amid disaster scenarios, to modular safe havens and security setups for companies of all sizes — and countless other uses, too — our modular buildings can create safe working conditions in virtually any scenario.

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Why Go Modular?

Modular offers a multitude of time and budget-saving advantages. Because most of the construction and fabrication is completed offsite, it allows for assembly and site prep to happen concurrently, dramatically reducing the total time it takes to build the structure. And with Hunter, our strategically located manufacturing sites, along with an award-winning site services team, allow for convenient and efficient custom modular builds right at your facility.

See the Full Benefits of Modular

Every Project Every Front

Take a look at our modular building projects.

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Looking for Something Beyond Traditional Modular Buildings?

They’re just part of what we offer. Learn more about our blast-resistant structures and related offerings.

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