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modular Construction

Hunter has proudly completed modular and blast-resistant construction projects for companies across countless industries, and in all corners of the Earth. Our custom blast-resistant buildings are engineered to protect amid a wide range of threats, from extreme weather scenarios, to forced entry and ballistic attacks and industrial blasts, too. Meanwhile, our more traditional modular buildings bring convenience to projects everywhere.

  • Blast-Resistant Modular Office Building: Refinery
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  • Blast-Resistant Module: LNG Facility
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  • Blast-Resistant Operator Shelters: Refinery
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  • Offshore Building
    Modular Local Equipment Rooms: Offshore
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  • modular building control room
    Fire-Rated ITR Buildings: Refinery
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  • Blast-Resistant Steel Shelters: Refinery
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  • Custom Drilling Rig Structure: Offshore
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