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Storm Shelters

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Storm Shelters
Built to Protect in
Extreme Settings

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Hunter’s storm shelters create safer settings in even the most uncertain circumstances. Fire-resistant, able to safeguard against flying debris and engineered to withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds, it’s all about keeping personnel, property and equipment protected when the tides turn. Prefabricated modular lease units are blast rated for 2 to 8 PSI, with higher ratings available for custom builds. Modular designs make for quick and easy installation, while Hunter’s global footprint means lower transportation costs.

In addition to our above ground storm shelters, Hunter is proud to coordinate or provide deployment for your units. Our blast-resistant and modular building experts have aided with thousands of disaster relief shelters, camps and basecamps the world over. We understand the complex issues at play and will help ensure your structures suit your unique circumstances — while meeting timeline and budget needs, too. By paring coordination efforts down to a single point of contact, you eliminate headaches, reduce confusion and can focus your full attention.

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Looking to Lease Instead?

We offer a range of short- and long-term modular rental options all around the globe.

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Not What You’re Looking for?

Our metal storm shelters are just the start of all we offer. Check out our other blast-resistant buildings, modular structures and related products.