Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs)

Protect Critical Equipment from Blasts, Ballistic Impact & Natural Disasters

Events such as an industrial explosion, ballistic impact, or natural disaster do not just put your personnel at risk, but also your critical equipment and operational ability as well. To ensure that your facility remains functional at those times, you can effectively protect personnel and equipment in Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE) that are blast and ballistic resistant and stand up to natural disasters.

Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs) Quality

Subjected to the highest industry tests and surpassing government and industry safety standards, HUNTER RIEs are engineered to protect operator control rooms, satellite field operator stations, emissions control and monitoring, electrical switchgear, motor control centers, UPS, electrical control rooms and more.

Benefits of HUNTER RIEs:

  • Processes and personnel are not stranded without the critical technology that serves as their lifeline.
  • Switchover costs from old systems to a new system are greatly reduced due to the controlled work activity environment of modular fabrication
  • Keeping equipment outside the blast zone can be a technical challenge and cost prohibitive.
  • Shop fabrication and system testing are more cost effective than field assembly.
  • Startup engineering problems can be readily solved without the pressures of ongoing plant operations.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) minimizes field-testing and less costly revisions.
  • Modular building construction is more cost and timeline effective.
  • Internal costs and resource demands on a facility are minimized with HUNTER as the main point of contact for an integrated project.
To learn more about how a HUNTER Remote Instrument Enclosure building can help protect and secure your key processes, please call 281.452.9800