Blast Testing HUNTER Buildings

For High, Medium & Low Blast Response Levels

HUNTER was the first in the industry to submit its buildings to actual physical blast testing. For us, the construction of blast-resistant buildings is personal: it’s about the protection of individual lives. That’s why we design and manufacture our blast-resistant buildings in-house, giving us total quality control from beginning to end. All HUNTER analysis calculations are performed by third-party professional blast engineers. In addition, HUNTER’s blast designs are validated by physical tests performed also by third-party specialists. All HUNTER buildings carry a blast rating, which extends to our blast doors.

Blast Response Levels

HUNTER Buildings are blast-tested to meet The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) response levels for blast overpressures up to and including high response. High Response: Replace entire building due to loss of structural integrity from damage. Building DOES NOT collapse. Medium Response: Significant repairs from widespread building damage. Low Response: Minor repairs from damage and building can be used again. At all blast response levels (High, Medium, and Low), the individuals inside of the building are protected! 

Blast Test Videos

Blast Zone Diagram
Blast Zone Diagram
*The ERPG-3 is the maximum airborne concentration below, which it is believed that nearly all individuals could be exposed for up to 1 hour without experiencing or developing life-threatening health effects.