Hunter and INEOS Join Forces to Drive Sustainability through Project ONE

Redefining Industrial Structures in Antwerp, Belgium
Hunter, a pioneer in specialized modular construction, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the renowned global chemical leader, INEOS. This collaboration is set to drive sustainability in the industrial sector, marked by Hunter’s significant contract to supply blast-resistant modular Substations, Control Room and LERs for INEOS’ ambitious Project ONE in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Project ONE stands as a pioneering effort committed to addressing climate change through the reduction of carbon emissions and the promotion of environmentally responsible practices. Commencing its initial construction phase in Q2 of 2022, INEOS envisions the plant to be operational by the end of 2026. 

Hunter’s eco-conscious focus aligns seamlessly with the core principles of Project ONE. According to Hunter’s Managing Director, Carlo Panetta, “Modular construction not only reduces material wastage but also minimizes energy consumption during construction and sustains energy savings throughout the buildings’ lifecycle.” Panetta expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This project presents an opportunity to take our green building endeavors to new heights.” 

Hunter’s commitment to sustainability extends to their blast-resistant construction, ensuring the safety of individuals, operations, and valuable assets. This is particularly crucial in areas susceptible to industrial blasts, extreme weather conditions, and potential ballistic impacts.  

Panetta looks forward to the partnership and anticipates contributing to a sustainable future. “We are thrilled to partner with INEOS Project One in this significant endeavor. Our combined strengths will undoubtedly set a new benchmark for safety and efficiency in industrial construction. Being part of Project ONE is an honor we deeply value.” 

About Hunter  
Hunter operates globally, specializing in engineering/design, construction and site services for blast-resistant and technical modular buildings. The company’s tailored approach to modular construction ensures top-tier protection and customized solutions. For more information, please visit

About INEOS  
INEOS is a global petrochemicals manufacturer, comprising 36 individual businesses. We operate 194 facilities in 29 countries throughout the world, employing 26,000 people. INEOS makes the raw materials and energy used for everyday life. Its products make an indispensable contribution to society and are essential in applications ranging from the preservation of food to the provision of clean water; from construction of wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable technologies to the construction of lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles and aircraft; from medical devices and pharmaceuticals to clothing and apparel. In recent years INEOS has diversified with the launch of INEOS Automotive and INEOS Hygienics, the acquisition of iconic British brand Belstaff and an ever-expanding sports portfolio.  As part of its greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy, INEOS businesses have put in place plans and actions needed to ensure that they lead the transition to a net zero economy by no later than 2050, whilst remaining profitable. 

About Project ONE 
Project ONE is the project for a new ethane cracker in the port of Antwerp. The cracker will produce ethylene, one of the most widely used basic chemicals worldwide and an essential building block for a variety of products, which can be found in lightweight materials for cars and wind turbines, pipes for transporting drinking water, insulation materials, medical applications, computer and smartphone casings, packaging to preserve food longer, textiles, etc. 

Project ONE sets a new industry standard for the chemical sector in Europe by consistently deploying the best available techniques. In particular, the investment will pioneer energy efficiency and have a carbon footprint which is less than half of the 10% best steam crackers in Europe. 

The project targets 2026 as the start year for operation, with construction taking around four years in total. The investment will create 450 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs. The total investment amounts to EUR 4 billion. 

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