Blast-Resistant Doors

Included with HUNTER Buildings or Sold Separately

Every blast-resistant building needs a safe, durable blast-resistant door. At HUNTER, we have complete quality control over the design and manufacturing of each door that goes onto our buildings, so you will never doubt the safety of your personnel. To us, the construction of blast-resistant buildings is personal: it’s about the protection of individual lives. That’s why we design and manufacture our blast doors in-house, and subject them to the same blast testing as our buildings. All HUNTER analysis calculations are performed by third-party professional blast engineers. HUNTER’s blast design has been validated by physical tests performed by third-party specialists, and all HUNTER buildings carry a blast rating, which extends to our blast doors. Each HUNTER blast door is engineered to withstand a major blast or explosion without serious deformities; additionally, doors can remain fully operational after a blast. HUNTER doors can withstand a peak pressure of 17.9 PSI, and exhibit leakage well below current industry safe haven standards.

Physical Data and Components of HUNTER’s blast-resistant doors include:

Panic Hardware: Emergency/fire exit push bars with three point latching. Surface mounted for ease of adjustment or replacement. Finish: Commercial sand blasted and finished with offshore quality primer and top coats. Weight: 575 lbs. Optional:
  • Vision panel 7 ½" x 7 ½" x 8.5 psi and 200 msec
  • ADA-compliant power assisted opener/closer
Hinges: Two each 5 knuckle, 8” high x 5” wide security hinges with permanently lubricated bearings. Each hinge is designed to support 6,614 lbs. Lockset: Exterior surface mounted keyed lever lockset with emergency override feature. Insulation: Mineral wool marine board with a service temperature up to 1,200°F. Closer: Industrial heavy duty, hydraulic, surface-mounted parallel arm, designed for high traffic applications.
To learn more about the strength of a HUNTER blast door, please call 281.452.9800